Our Clients

  • Convenience Shops

    Convenience shops are a popular grab-and-go option for grocery shopping and purchasing essential items. Our distribution team services 23 convenience shops countrywide.

  • Covered Markets

    We supply retailers and wholesalers within the largest covered market. Located in the capital, Georgetown, this market covers more than 80,000 square feet. Market vendors retail and wholesale many grocery and beverage products.

  • Gas/Service Stations

    Service shops located within many petrol stations retail essential grocery products, snacks and a selection of beverages. Our portfolio of clients includes two of the largest petrol companies, with a combined market share of more than 70%.

  • Hotels

    We work with several local and international hotel brands to meet their demand for speciality foods, beverages and cleaning products. Through collaboration with their procurement teams, we ensure that there is a consistent, weekly supply of products.

  • Neighbourhood Shops

    Neighbourhood shops are widespread, particularly in rural communities. A notable characteristic is their small but frequent purchase volumes. We currently provide a distribution service for 46 neighbourhood Shops across three administrative regions.

  • Pharmacies

    We supply over-the-counter medicines as well as healthcare devices and products to several Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies countrywide. These products are leading consumer brands, imported from the United States and United Kingdom.

  • Restaurants

    Our portfolio includes some of Guyana's premiere Restaurants. We maintain a weekly contract to supply gourmet and specialty foods as well as dairy and beverage products.

  • Shopping Malls

    We supply a large range of commercial cleaners and janitorial supplies to two of Guyana's largest shopping malls. In addition, we supply grocery and beverages to food court vendors.

  • Supermarkets

    Supermarkets account for more than 60% of our annual sales. Our portfolio includes the country's largest supermarket chains, with a combined market share of over 90%. We have scheduled daily and weekly distribution of grocery, beverage and dairy products. Additionally, we supply a large range of confectionaries, household products and health and beauty care.